Payroll Sevice

We recently investigated whether it is more cost-effective for small and mid-sized companies to keep processing their own payroll or to outsource the job.

We found companies who outsourced their payroll spent on average 33% less than companies who process payroll themselves. Payroll expenses include: buying software, a tax table service, or hiring in house.

Our Payroll service is an add on service for our bookkeeping clients only. We do not offer stand-alone payroll services.

Payroll processing rates:

  • More than 10 employee’s, special pricing.

 Payroll tax returns:

  • (Includes completing and filing all federal, state and local returns)

W-2 and or 1099’s

$5.00 each with a minimum amount of $10.00

Includes filing Form W-3 and or Form1096

  • We assume liability for any tax errors, providing clients have provided all necessary information.
  • We provide detailed quarterly Tax Filing Activity Reports showing all held funds, liabilities and payments made.You can rest assured knowing your taxes have been filed on time.