Our Unique Fee Structure

Through our years of experience, we realize there are two questions people want answered right away.  What am I going to get for the money? How much will it cost me?  If you are tired of vague answers, we have the solution.

  • For bookkeeping and payroll, we have created a fee structure that is based on your expenses. 
  • For on-site bookkeeping (we are at your place) we charge an hourly rate. ($45 an hour)

We disclose all of our fees up front. You will not get a bill from us that leaves you wondering what we did or why the bill is so high. Listed below are our fees. This will help you decide which option is best for you and it can also help you to determine your approximate costs.


The below fee structure was set based on the number of transactions these groups typically have.

Our fee structure

More than $50,000 – add $225 per month per $10,000 over

These calculations assume up to only four bank accounts – if you have more than four accounts, there are additional cost per.

So, what is a transaction?

A transaction is any of the following that is entered into the bookkeeping process. Here is what is considered a transaction.
•Bill, Bill Credit, Bill Payment, Check, Credit card charge, Credit card credit, Invoice, Statement charge, Credit memo, Payment received from customer, Sales tax payment, Sales receipt, Deposit, Transfer of funds, General journal entry, Estimate, Purchase order, Receipt of items received with a bill, Inventory assembly build, Setting up a new general ledger account, Setting up a new item (payroll or regular item), Setting up a new vendor, Setting up a new customer, Setting up a new employee , Setting up a new template.

Transactions are determined by taking a total monthly average of all transactions (debits and credits) from each of your bank statements

What you get from our bookkeeping service:

Monthly Reconciliation & Reporting

  • Posting your transactions to industry-specific categories, using information provided by you – receipts and invoices.
  • Reconciling your transactions with your bank statements.
  • Sending you and/or your accountant monthly financial reports.
  • How it works:
    • Each month you provide to us your information and bank statements.
    • We post and reconcile your transactions.
    • We return month-end financial reports to you. It’s that easy!

Additional bookkeeping services and their fees:

Accounts Receivable Plan

  • What it includes:
    • Creating, remitting, and tracking your client invoices.
  • How it works:
    • You send us your billing data (i.e. employee time, services rendered, reimbursable expenses, etc.)
    • We prepare your invoices and send them to you for review
    • We send your invoices to your clients via email or US mail
  • What it costs:
    • Monthly client billing plans start at $55/mo. + $3/invoice; please contact us for a free quote for your organization

Accounts Payable Plan

  • What it includes:
    • Processing, tracking, and paying your bills.
  • How it works:
    • You tell us which of your bills are pre-approved to pay and which are not.
    • You give us access to your bills. (online, email, fax, or US mail)
    • We pay your preapproved bills by their due dates.
    • We pay your non-preapproved bills only after receiving your approval.
  • What it costs:
    • Plans start at $55/month + $3/invoice; please contact us for a free quote for your organization.

1099 Preparation

  • What it includes:
    • Preparing and sending annual Form 1099-Misc to each of your eligible vendors.
    • Preparing and filing annual Form 1096 with the Department of the Treasury (IRS).
  • How it works:
    • You send us your eligible 1099 vendor information.
    • We prepare and send Form 1099-Misc to each vendor by January 31st.
    • We prepare and file Form 1096 with the IRS by the last day in February.
  • What it costs:
    • See Payroll.