Individuals and Business owners are continuously facing ever changing tax laws, and regulatory paperwork. Helping business owners find relief, recognize areas between managing a business, and their time is the foundation for balance. Open communication, research, and sound analysis are required to reach an understanding of our clients’ unique needs. The Tax Preparers Group is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence, and professionalism.

Bruce has advised, and nurtured hundreds of small companies. Along with developing a wide range of custom accounting solutions for new businesses. Turning them into successful, more profitable businesses.  Clients’ continued use of those solutions, and expansion of these systems are a tribute to the success of the firm.

Bruce also has specialized expertise within the construction, trucking, and real estate industries.


Bruce began his experience with multiple firms including Johnson Machine Works, and RSM McGlarey and Pullen. The latter being a position preparing tax returns. At the time it was the largest accounting firm in this country, and the fifth largest in the world. His combined career paths offer business owners a diverse level of experience, and perspective.

In 1999 Bruce decided to employ his knowledge and effort by opening his own business, D & B’s Bookkeeping. After relocating from Iowa to Missouri, he decided to draw from his tax preparation past. He then changed his firm’s business model, and renamed the business to L & R Tax Preparation. Bruce continues to evolve his firm for the ever changing needs of individuals, and small businesses. In 2016 L & R Tax Preparation became The Tax Preparers Group, and additional space was required to promote the growth of the business; thus prompting a relocation!

 The Family

Bruce and his fiancé, Sunshyne, welcomed Bruce’s 5th child in 2016. Bruce enjoys family picnics, backyard fires and spending time on the water.

Fun Activities beyond the Office

 A passion for the sea, Bruce enjoys all things oceanic. Bruce has a great fascination with light houses, as is evident by the many pictures in his office. He builds and operates radio controlled models of sea going vessels, mostly consisting of work boats/ships. He is also a great fan of the big trucks that supply our way of life. He enjoys watching and attending Kansas City Royals games. Bruce spends as much time in nature as his time allows. His retirement dream is to build a model railroad and take daily trips to the water with his models.

Professional Affiliations

            Registered IRS Tax Preparer


            Bruce has written many guest posts for other tax and financial blogs and had a short run with mainstreet.com, starting a column known as, The Daily Deduction, now written by Bruce’s good internet friend, Robert Flach.

Tax Professional

Bruce McFarland – 2015